Opportunities for Involvement in the Parish

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal mens organization that seeks to serve our parish, assist the pastor in his ministry, and server our wider community in a spirit of dedication to our Catholic Faith and to its mission. Meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month. If you are interested in becoming a Knight, please contact either the parish office at [email protected] or Mr. Eric Niemann, our recruiter at [email protected]

Dedicated to the Visitation of Our Lady to St. Elizabeth, the Ladies Sodality at St. Ann Church seeks to beautify the sanctuary and care for the altar, seek out and assist those parishioners in need, provide hospitality for parish events, provide funeral dinners, and promote community life in our parish, especially among our female members. The Ladies Sodality meets on the 1st Saturday of the month after Low Mass at 8:30a.m. Please contact Mrs. Shanon Hansen directly for more information at [email protected]
You may also contact the parish office at [email protected]

The Domestic Church is a movement of married couples who wish to live out their sacrament to the full with the help of God and a small group of other couples along with their parish priest. Would you like to grow together in your marriage and your faith?

The Domestic Church Movement provides formation, using the Church's spiritual tradition and official teachings, for how to pray, how to use Scripture in prayer, and how to grow in a real relationship with God, our spouses, and our children in light of our Baptism. It began under the leadership of Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki a close collaborator with Pope St. John Paul II who was the Archbishop who oversee the founding of this movement in Poland in 1973.

During the Light-Life married couples retreat, couples are invited to dedicate their faith life and marriage more fully to God and His good plan for their marriage and they are introduced to the basics of the 7 Commitments that make up the "method" for the Domestic Church movement.

St. Ann’s has one circle with 7 member couples. Please express your interest in joining a circle and attending the retreat by contacting Dino and Cathy Durando at [email protected]

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The Legion of Mary is a group, under the standard of Our Lady, that seeks to promote faith outreach and evangelization to fallen away Catholics, shut-ins, and non-Catholics alike. Inspired by charity for one's neighbor and love of God, the Legion seeks to bring all peoples to Christ by prayer, conversation, and providing religious materials. Full members participate in meetings, auxiliary members participate remotely by prayer. Meetings typically take place after Friday morning Mass. If you are interested, please contact Sherri Kutz at [email protected] for more information.

Chartered at St. Ann in April of 2020, the Troops of St. George is an national Catholic organization that promotes faithfulness to God, Church, and neighbor and mentors young men and boys into becoming faithful Catholic men. Fathers and sons meet once a month at St. Ann; camping trips and various adventures abound for the young man or boy who seeks friendship and a greater devotion to God and Church. If you are interested, please contact the parish office at [email protected]